Dil Hi Toh Hai – Here’s How Palak’s Curse Tells A Lot About The Future Course Of The Story!

Dil Hi Toh Hai
Dil Hi Toh Hai
Dil Hi Toh Hai
Dil Hi Toh Hai

They both met with sparks flying off, but soon after faced each other at different ends and ultimately developed hatred towards each other.

Palak, the strong headed doctor, revolted against the medicines produced by Noon Biotics as she thought that they were not doing the work that these were being touted to. And thus started the tussle between Palak and Rithwik.

After all the plans and plotting by Rithwik to spoil her life, to first make her work again and then firing her, making each day for her to be a struggle, Rithwik has managed to built up a lot of hatred for him from Palak’s side.

Palak has started hating him, but what will be the finality of this so called ‘hate’? Does fate has something else in store for these two souls?

Recently, Palak was totally distressed by the constant actions of Rithwik and cursed him that one day he will fall in deep love, but the girl he will fall for, will break his heart and walk away. And that very day, Palak really wants to be present there to witness Mr Rithwik Noon’s heartbreak.

This curse comes at a point when we were shown a short glimpse of Rithwik’s childhood. Maybe his heart had undergone a trauma which made him not believe in true love. At such a young age, his concepts might have been warped. And this curse by Dr Palak really tells us a lot about the future story.

Maybe Rithwik will really fall in love, but with whom? No second guessing here, we feel it will be Dr Palak who will make the heir of Noon enterprises fall for herself. Then will she break the heart of Rithwik and walk away? Will she hurt him after all he has done?

Or will it be something which she would have no control on? Will fate make them meet and then separate them? What’s in store for them as fate decides to entangle their lives with each other?

Dil Hi Toh Hai is surely going to be interesting in the coming episodes. The curse by Palak will surely go a long way and affect the lives of both of them. It will be a ride of tashn, fun, hate, fate and new sense of maybe something called love between two? You never know!

Meanwhile watch out this promotional video as Sony shares some snippets of the show –



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