Dil Hi Toh Hai : Ritwik And Palak In A Crowd Yet All Alone – Will Destiny Lead Ritwik To Where His Heart Resides?

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Dil Hi Toh Hai

Sony Entertainment Television’s Dil Hi Toh Hai is connecting with the hearts of the viewers and Ritwik – Palak’s tale is striking a chord.

The current phase in the daily soap is revolving around Ritwik’s upcoming nuptials to Ananya. No wonder Palak’s heart is breaking and so is the to be groom’s (Ritwik) heart.

After all Ritwik and Palak’s heart and its heartbeat found its soul mate in each other in silence. But Alas! Not all things last. Before the two hearts brimming with love could reach one another, they were separated.

Now in the same silence the two hearts have shattered and are agonized. If the earlier silence engulfing Palak – Ritwik was comforting, the silence engulfing them now is contrasting and burning them from within.

On one hand Ritwik is aware what is at stake and he knows his decision holds the key to make or break his father. On the other hand, Palak always knew Ritwik was not hers to hold onto.

Yet Ritwik and Palak could not help but fall in love with each other. They are now at the toughest crossroads, wearing the ‘koi farq nahi padta’ mask they are crumbling by every passing minute.

With festivities galore at Ritwik’s home and Palak being a part of the ongoing celebrations, Ritwik – Palak are surrounded by the crowd, yet minus the nearness of the other they are all alone – like the heart minus the heartbeat, like the sky minus the stars, like the day minus the night and the list goes on….

Going ahead their tale will unfold and many questions will be answered. But for now the questions remain. Ritwik and Palak love each other, but will they find the comfort of love with one another.

While Ritwik is all set to marry another (Ananya) at the altar, will destiny extend an olive branch changing tides at the nick of time and lead him to where his heart resides, towards Palak only time will tell.

Palak had once cursed Ritwik for a heartbreak and right now it looks like the heart breaker Ritwik Noon has indeed got a broken heart.

But can the two broken hearts be mended before it is too late is something to be waited and watched out for.

What life and fate have up its sleeve for Palak and Ritwik will be revealed as and when the story of Dil Hi Toh Hai progresses.

So who do you think will be Ritwik’s bride – will it be Ananya or will it be Palak? Your guess is as good as mine! So don’t forget to write your views and guesses in the comment box below.

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