Dil Hi Toh Hai Season 3 Promo : Even With The 3rd Season In Row, The Latest Promo Promises A Crisp New Watch

Dil Hi Toh Hai

Alt Balaji’s web ventures have proven to be extremely successful.

Out of the many initial projects started by them, the Karan Kundra and Yogita Bihani starrer web series ‘Dil Hi Toh Hai’ aced its way to glory.

The show jumped back with its second season and now with the immense success of the previous one too, it’s back with a bang and how for its third season.

The show’s promo was out yesterday and it had us intrigued for even after being the third season, where it could hit the monotony, the series looks like a whole new story with a twist of fate to these two characters, Ritvik aka Karan Kundra and Palak aka Yogita Bihani.

The first surprise that draws us close is Ritwik’s probable memory loss from an accident in the promo. The way Ritwik is out there in a whole new shade and Palak being his only doctor is quite an interesting twist.

Ritwik and Palak’s love story isn’t at easy as it seems. As the promo suggests, Ritwik is unaware of the true relationship the two share, but deep down his feelings for her seem to come across as jealousy from Vikrant, whom he suspects to be the other man in Palak’s life. This game of one sided love from Vikrant and Ritwik become completely unoblivious to the happenings to him in past two years, will be the biggest USP possibly.

Even after the confession of love, this love story has turned to be an entirely new adventure for the viewers as well. To make someone fall in love with you, who infact belongs to you only, to bear the distance from your nearest companion, to watch someone deliberately hurt you and still love the person, are what this promo is made of.

What entices us is the whole new way Ritwik and Palak have drifted apart yet are still near. The promo looks like nothing short of a Bollywood teaser.

The direction looks on point, as always with the lead cast looking all in place and perfect. The love triangle and the struggle to find love in your life partner is something that’s going to fetch this one more viewers for sure.

While Karan Kundra is easily swiping the female population off their feet, Yogita Bihani promises an intensive character ahead. This web series will be a blend of drama, passion, romance, reality and a little of fierceness that’s better to watch than any daily soap with so much catered in such short timing on-screen.

This season 3 of Dil Hi Toh Hai, is bolder and better in every context now and from the first promo, this looks like the next hit on the block and how!

Check out the trailer here –


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