Dil To Happy Hai Ji : Happy Mehra Is Already Inspiring And HOW! – NEW PROMO

Dil To Happy Hai Ji

Dil To Happy Hai Ji

Star Plus’ brand new daily soap Dil To Happy Hai Ji is soon going to commence on the channel. The promos of the show are already out and the daily soap promises to be interesting.

From the title it seems like Dil To Happy Hai Ji is going to be all about being happy and spreading happiness.

Jasmin Bhasin is going to portray the lead character of Happy Mehra and from the latest promo of the daily soap, it seems like Happy will not just spread happiness but be an inspiration with her optimistic attitude.

The new promo showcases Happy being excited about going to Amritsar and getting her degree and applying for a job.

The promo focuses on the point that she wants to get a job so that her mother can keep her head held high.

Happy’s thoughts and ideas are inspiring right? We think so too!

Watch Dil To Happy Hai Ji New Promo Below.

Dil To Happy Hai Ji will kick-start on Star Plus from 15th January 2019 and will air at 7:30 PM.

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  1. A happy heroine doesn’t make happy TRPs!!!!

    And a heroine makes her own career ……………. that has happened like ………..Never!!!!

    She will go to Amritsar, meet a hero, possibly her boss who would be a alpha male and make her life hell!!!!

    Followed by misunderstandings, pushing against the wall and finally forced marriage!!!!

    Followed by torture of in-laws and husband and then she would sudharo him and then they would fall in love and then enter like vamps like ex-girlfriends to relatives with grudges, etc!!!!!

    Ooopps ………….did I just reveal the whole story??


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