Dill Mill Gayye 8th Anniversary Special : 10 Things That Make The Show Unique And Memorable!

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Jennifer Winget in Dill Mill Gayye

10) Armaan Ridhimma Ke Dill Aakhir Ek Ho Gaye – Dill Mill Gayye

The last episode of the show is simply like the yummy icing on the cake which simply steals the show. The last episode aired on Star One on 3rd October 2010 was something extraordinary and beyond beautiful.

As Ridhimma is nostalgic about Sanjeevani, our dimpled hero Armaan is seen shedding tears on his knees in the basket ball court with the fear of impending separation hovering around. Then the flood lights flicker at the basket ball court and the woman of Armaan’s dreams, the love of his life, his basket a.k.a Riddhima Gupta walks in singing the melodious track ‘Asmaani Rang Hoon Pyaar Ki Boond Hoon’. The love that reflects on their faces leaves one and all spellbound.

And as Riddhima goes down on her knees and proposes to Armaan Malik to marry her, the time stands still as these two lovers are united.

Their smile through the tears spoke volumes of the hardships they underwent and it also showcased the joy of being together at last for a happily ever after.

Dill Mill Gayye’s final episode before it was curtains down for the show was a magical one and it embedded the show and the story of Armaan, Riddhima forever in the hearts and minds of the viewers.

The show ended, but yet Dill Mill Gayye and its wonderful characters continue to live on!


  1. The best show 4ever……. really missing this show 4 my heart…. every character r awesome in dmg… bt my heartbeat on & only the charming boy my love My Armaan mallik…….. lv u karan Singh grover


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