Dill Mill Gayye 8th Anniversary Special : 10 Things That Make The Show Unique And Memorable!

The Songs And The Title Track
The Songs And The Title Track

6) The Songs And The Title Track

Do you still happen to hum ‘Hum To Chale The Dost Bankar Jaane Kahaan Dill Mill Gayye’, if you do hum the song even today or you happen to remember the lyrics of the song by-heart even today, then it is no surprise because the title track and the other tracks used in the show were a absolute treat to hear.

Raise your hands and tell us how many of you remember ‘Ishq Leta Hai Kaise Imtehaan’ and ‘Asmaani Rang Ho’ from Dill Mill Gayye and have the tracks in your playlist too. We are sure at least 7 out of 10 people will give us a nod regarding this. Such was the magic of these tracks.


  1. The best show 4ever……. really missing this show 4 my heart…. every character r awesome in dmg… bt my heartbeat on & only the charming boy my love My Armaan mallik…….. lv u karan Singh grover


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