Dill Mill Gayye 8th Anniversary Special : 10 Things That Make The Show Unique And Memorable!

Armaan Malik And Siddhant Modi's Bond
Armaan Malik And Siddhant Modi’s Bond

8) Armaan Malik And Siddhant Modi’s Bond

When Armaan and Sid came together the viewers would have expected fists to fly, punches to be boxed yet what surprised everyone was the bond these two men formed.

The common link between both the men being Riddhima, Armaan being the guy who Ridhimma loved in the past and continues to love in the present and Siddhant being the guy whom Ridhimma married, her husband, her friend, Armaan and Sid formed a bond of brotherhood and their bromance in the show was something the viewers looked forward to.


  1. The best show 4ever……. really missing this show 4 my heart…. every character r awesome in dmg… bt my heartbeat on & only the charming boy my love My Armaan mallik…….. lv u karan Singh grover


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