Dill Mill Gayye 8th Anniversary Special : 10 Things That Make The Show Unique And Memorable!

Love Over Marriage
Love Over Marriage

9) Love Over Marriage

May be for the first time in the history of Indian television we had the creatives of Dill Mill Gayye designing the show in such a way, where the concept of love was given weightage over a marital bond.

Riddhima who was married to Sid, was still in love with Armaan and Armaan too yearned for Ridhimma. In all this, Sid being Riddhima’s husband made the ultimate sacrifice setting Ridhimma free.

If it was any other saas-bahu saga running on television then the heroine would have long forgotten her love and would have adjusted to her marriage and would have found love in it, may be after one or two leaps.

But Dill Mill Gaye had a different approach and rather than sticking to a compromised marriage, the creatives made sure what started as a show with Armaan and Riddhima as the lead pair ended with the two of them being the lead couple.


  1. The best show 4ever……. really missing this show 4 my heart…. every character r awesome in dmg… bt my heartbeat on & only the charming boy my love My Armaan mallik…….. lv u karan Singh grover


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