The Dill Mill Gayye Actors – THEN AND NOW


Shilpa Anand
Shilpa Anand

Shilpa Anand – Dr. Riddhima/Shilpa

She did an amazing role in the show doing justice to both her characters. After DMG, she did an episodic show in 2013 and is missing from the small screen ever since then.

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  1. Barun Sobti .ı adore this actor .I think it is talented, but still has to be good luck, which he heartily wish to him great acting much: expressive gestures, facial expressions, intonation and tone of voice and such lively eyes…exchange expressions in one frame it’s just something that when you see the hatred is born and grows into a rage. More surprising to me how he was able to pass on what he has made great efforts to hide his love, and it breaks in some sparks and spreads like butter. Very beautiful. Bravo, Barun!


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