Dill Mill Gayye : How Karan Singh Grover And Shilpa Anand Were Finalised For Their Roles- WATCH VIDEO

Karan Singh Grover And Shilpa Anand In Dill Mill Gayye
Karan Singh Grover And Shilpa Anand In Dill Mill Gayye

The cast of Star One’s Dill Mill Gayye came and conquered hearts with their lovable characters and great storyline. The show followed the lives, especially the love lives of medical interns. It saw cast changes, but despite that, the show always had good viewership.Dill Mill Gayye was coined as the second season of the popular Star Plus show, Sanjivani – A Medical Boon.

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The first set of cast members that auditioned for the show were Karan Singh Grover, Shilpa Anand, Pankit Thakker, Muskaan Mihaani and Sunaina Gulia for Armaan, Riddhima, Atul, Sapna and Anjali respectively.

The makers of the show wanted actors on the level of the actors in Sanjivani. The search for faces went on for quite some time. They went through many faces before zeroing in on Pankit and Muskaan, who were the first ones to be cast. They were then followed by Sunaina, Karan and Shilpa. The makers were looking for actors who would be able to enact the characters the right way and they definitely picked a great lot. We bumped into a video lately which vividly describes how the makers zeroed in the actors for the show after auditions.

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Each and every cast member left an imprint in their characters that has made them so well loved even to this day. Dill Mill Gayye ended in 2010, however, the love for the show is still alive four years later. The cast members are still remembered for the characters they played in the show.

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Watch Karan Singh Grover And Shilpa Anand’s Auditions Below:

Video Courtesy : Credit To The Uploader

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  1. Even i watch it on hotstar……. . Just love the show n missss it even more…..
    Best pair ever KaSh!!!! <3
    Best Armaan n Riddhima <3

  2. everyday i watch dmg on hotstar. arman shilpa atul anjali rahul muskan shashank padma nani kirti shubhankar. casting were made in heaven.

  3. iam wathcing this show in hotstar it is belent show i love armaan nd Ridhima-shilpa anand, please make like same show, dil milgaye-3

  4. Guyzzz I mailed the production house after the news that show is going off-air….not only me many others mi8 hv sent …but I guess they were neglected …saying that it received low TRP ratings…Instead a faaltu show was started “Yeh ishq haaye”..which was immensely flop
    But guyzzz those who really wanna see DMG♡♡ again can mail to production house of “STAR UTSAV” plzzzzzzz guys mail them…..surely we can get a positive reply

  5. Dill mill gayye is adored by their fans even now. I love watching Shilpa and Karan together as armaan and ridhima. They are simply great. I watch it only for shilpa, she’s great as ridhima and pairs perfectly right with karan.

  6. Correct Ur Mistake It Was Not MUSKAAN it Was Sapna… Muskan Came Later In D Show..
    Yes D show Was Best .. No 1 Can Match Diz Show…

    Diz Show Gave Us AR.. KASH, KASU & KAJEN…
    IT Gave Us.. ARSH …
    IT Gave Us… SIDMA…


    Show Like DILL MILL GAYYE Comes 1’s In LifeTime


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