Dill Mill Gayye With Armaan Ridhimma and Siddhant – Retro Reel

Dill Mill Gayye
Armaan and Ridhimma
Dill Mill Gayye
Armaan and Ridhimma

Dill Mill Gayye, as the name itself suggests, was the romantic saga of Armaan and Riddhima that started on Star One back in 2007. Produced by Cinevistaas, the story revolved around the personal and professional lives of the doctors and interns at the hospital Sanjeevani. Dill Mill Gayye can be considered a part 2 of the earlier Star Plus series Sanjeevani with new generation actors. Monish Bahl who plays the character of Dr. Shashank Gupta was one of the actors who was seen both in Sanjeevani and Dill Mill Gayye.

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The story was a love story blossoming between the interns and senior doctors.The series’ lead actors were Armaan Malik and Ridhimma Gupta.The heartthrob Karan Singh Grover played Dr. Armaan Malik while the character of Ridhimma Gupta was played by three different actresses from the time the show started. Shilpa Anand, Sukriti Kandal and finally Jenifer Winget were roped in to play Dr. Ridhimma Gupta. Their pair with Karan Singh Grover a.k.a with Armaan Malik in the show was extremely loved and cherished.

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Every time Riddhima Gupta was replaced in the show, the show saw a different twist and it took a new turn to make the audience like the new actress with the actor playing Armaan Malik.The show saw various twists and turns.Some of the prominent twists were Riddhima getting to know that she is Shashank Gupta’s adopted daughter.

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Next in line of twists were where Anjali [Shashank’s daughter (Vinita Malik)] and Ridhimma get their father Shashank married to Padma (Shilpa Tulaskar/Ekta Sohini), Ridhimma’s real mother. With the love story of Armaan- Ridhimma gaining momentum and facing opposition of Shashank, the love of Armaan and Riddhima proved to be to die for where the both of them would go to any extent to protect each other.The audience in real terms got to see “pyaar kii taaqat” with Armaan Riddhima’s love story.

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The season one of DMG ended with Shashank’s acceptance of Armaan Riddhima’s relationship but fate had other plans. In a dramatic turn of events, in between a fight in the hospital Riddhima is shot while Armaan hits his head on a glass.Then came the season 2 of Dill Mill Gayye with a new batch of interns and Armaan Riddhima being separated.

Dill Mill Gayye
Armaan, Ridhimma and Siddhant

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With Riddhima being a senior doctor, the story picked up and the creatives created a new pair of intern Siddhant Modi and Riddhima.Though this pair had its fair amount of admirers, the ardent fans of Karan Singh Grover demanded the come back of their favorite character Armaan Malik.The creatives had to bring Armaan Malik back but by the time he came back, Ridhimma under some circumstances, had to marry Siddhant Modi. With Armaan being back in picture Riddhima was left confused and stranded between her love and her marriage..

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In between all this Armaan and Siddhant formed a bond of friendship and the creatives introduced Shilpa Anand in the show again, but this time as a different character, Dr. Shilpa.Though the production house and the creatives tried to make the audience accept the pair of Siddhant-Ridhimma and Armaan-Shilpa. But the ardent viewers of Dill Mill Gayye who are watching from the very first episode irrespective of the twists, turns and replacements could not accept any lead pair in Dill Mill Gayye except Armaan- Riddhima. Thus in the show the creatives had to pair Riddhima and Armaan in the end.

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The last scene of Dill Mill Gayye aired on October 29th 2010. In the last episode a beautiful tale of love reached its destination just so that it can begin a new journey. The last episode could not have been more perfect than what it was where Riddhima goes down on her knees and professes her love for Armaan. Riddhima sang ‘Asmani Rang Hun……..Pyaar Ki Boond Hun…Roshni Ka Ang Hun Main Teri Dhup Hun….Saaya Tera Mera Aashyiaan Tu Mera Armaan Hainnn’….with tears flowing freely, the feeling of accomplished love was evident after all the hardships and troubles. Armaan and Riddhima whose hearts had met and loved each other from a long time got a picture perfect end of being eternally together forever proving love is beyond anything and everything and love creates magic and does wonders.

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The show was indeed a class apart and went on to prove that ‘True Love’ crosses all barriers, hurdles and always emerges out as victorious.Even today the audiences want to watch the repeats of the show and even today the fans of real life couple Karan Singh Grover and Jenifer Winget (Armaan-Ridhimma) fondly known as KaJen wish and hope that they get to see their favorite pair back on screen together and KaSh (Karan Singh Grover and Shlipa Anand) fans too wish to see their beloved onscreen pair back on TV screens. Dill Mill Gaye was surely different and it did set the standard of love way apart from others.

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  1. Riddhima should’ve been with her husband Siddhant, it really sent a bad message to all viewers that cheating on your spouse and then go back to your bf/gf is a good thing. this show clearly went on because they were giving too much attention to the superior fans


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