Divyanka Tripathi Asks What Will It Take To Value Human Life?

Divyanka Tripathi

Amidst the current eventful happenings around the world, Divyanka Tripathi took to Twitter and asked a thought provoking question.

Her complete tweet read – “What will it take to value human life? Unless people die, securities aren’t provided, dilapidated bridges and building aren’t renovated, fire safety isn’t improved, arms laws don’t change, Why? Why do people have to die for the system and society to change?” #ValueHumanLife

Divyanka shared the pictures of newspaper headlines and tabloids that mentioned the events of Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur and the US!

Sadly, we do not have an exact answer to her questions. May be, that is the way system works. It prefers to be deaf and asleep unless and until something grave happens and compels it to take a step to prevent the same from happening in future.

If that is indeed the case then, the cost is way too high to pay. It’s high time, the system needs to be vigilant enough so that no more human lives are lost for them to wake up!

Have a look at the tweet below –

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