Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s Latest Instagram Post Mirrors Family Spirit Beautifully!

Divyanka Tripathi

Has it ever happened to you that while scrolling through your Instagram feed, you suddenly stop at a picture and keep gazing at it not just to admire how beautifully the picture has been captured through the lens but the thoughts that have been put along with it?

Well, it happened with us today. While scrolling through our Instagram feed, we landed on the multi-talented and very gorgeous Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya’s latest post and it tugged at our heart strings for more than one reason!

Have a look at the post if you haven’t yet and you will know why it left such an impact on us –

Doesn’t she have a marvellous way with words? It’s not the first time that Divyanka inspired us with her ever so kind thoughts but, you know what is the most admirable thing about this post? It’s the simplistic choice of her words, none of them can be replaced and neither the emotions they hold!

We cannot put it as beautifully as Divyanka but we would like to echo that indeed, home is where our loved ones are. The belongingness provides a sense of security that’s incomparable, no matter if you are under a roof or under the sky!

Thank you, Divyanka for this much needed wisdom!

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