Divyanka Tripathi : Several Portraits Of Mine Have Been Made By My Fans

Divyanka Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi

The popular TV actress Divyanka Tripathi is followed by more than 250k people on social media and her fans adore her. The TV star makes sure that her fans receive the same amount of love back from her.

Divyanka says,”Several portraits of mine have been made by my fans. I love them all. Portrait making is a difficult art to achieve and I love the efforts my fans make to put me on a canvass. Once my fans gifted me 250 roses, 250 green teas, 250 mints (my favorite) and the list goes on, when I hit 250K followers on Instagram. Another time few of my fans got a star in Sagittarius galaxy registered by the name Divyanka Tripathi.”

The actress informs that her fans keep surprising her and she keeps shedding tears of joy. How does she show her admiration towards her fans?

“I try taking them by surprise,”Divyanka winks “I suddenly pick up my phone and start chatting with them. I try conversing with varied people. I pick up interesting questions and answer them within my limits or I just suddenly visit their fan page and like the edits which appeal to me. I love connecting with my fans. I love giving them those moments which might cost me 5 seconds but can give them happiness worth a life time.”

Divyanka confessed that she loves surprising people and her fans are her favorite surprise targets!

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Divyanka Tripathi
Divyanka Tripathi

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  1. Divyanka Tripathi love the fact that you keep surprising your fans many ways. And, your fans love this unique thing of your so much. You are really unique Di.. Love you.


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