Divyanka Tripathi And Ssharad Malhotra’s Short Film On Halala Nikaah : A Divorce To Remember – WATCH VIDEO

Ssharad Malhotra And Divyanka Tripathi In A Divorce To Remember
Divyanka Tripthi And Ssharad Malhotra In A Divorce To Remember
Divyanka Tripathi And Ssharad Malhotra In A Divorce To Remember

Star couple Ssharad Malhotra and Divyanka Tripathi are known for their unforgettable romance but what happens when they come together for a heart wrenching saga.

In just 10 short minutes, the actors evoke emotions within you that you have never felt before. As the story progresses, Ssharad Malhotra (playing the character of Zaid) falls in love with Divyanka (playing the character of Zaara). He is happy to be with her and she feels secure to be herself around him.

However, the twist in the tale emerges fairly quickly as Zaara falls for another man and eventually decides to get married to him. Zaid being the best friend to Zaara silently keeps loving her.

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Zaara soon gets married to another man but gradually the marriage faces its cons. Her husband’s harsh attitude towards her breaks her heart and this leads to a divorce between the two that no one can settle.

Zaara again finds comfort in her best friend Zaid. But soon enough her husband returns back to her asking for her hand again. Zaara still being deeply in love with her husband agrees to return back to him. However, she needs to go through the process of halala nikaah in order to return to her husband.

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As her last aid, she asks Zaid to marry her only to divorce her later so that she can return back to her previous husband. Will Zaid, who still loves Zaara from the core of his heart, be able to seal this deal with Zaara for the sake of her happiness?

The separation after the marriage is unbearable for Zaid but then something interesting happens. What is it exactly? Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!


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