Divyanka Tripathi’s Questions Need Our Attention : Why Are Attachments Needed To Address People-Someone’s Daughter, Son, Spouse?

Divyanka Tripathi

Divyanka Tripathi is a powerhouse talent actress. With her skilled acting she has time and again wowed the audience.

The gorgeous actress got married to actor Vivek Dahiya in July 2016.

Both the actors have made a place for themselves in the viewers’ hearts. They both worked in Star Plus’ Ye Hai Mohabbatein. Vivek Dahiya also later went on to work in Kavack and Qayamat Ki Raat on Colors TV and Star Plus respectively.

Vivek Dahiya and Divyanka Tripathi’s social media posts are worth gushing over endlessly. The captures on Instagram and Twitter are LIT.

Recently the frank and straightforward actress took to her Twitter account and asked some vital questions point blank. The questions raised by the actress are very valid.

Quoting an online article, the actress got straight to the point asking, ‘Why don’t they refer to it as @VivekDahiya08 and wifey?It wasn’t even my post!

Raising valid questions of whether the industry gives the new talent the much deserved respect.

The actress points out how the vicious cycle starts here. She makes a strong point.

Divyanka Tripathi in the next tweets raises reasonable questions about why are the attachments needed to address people as someone’s daughter, son, spouse.

The actress further points out that unless and until sole identities (individual talent) are respected in news and in general, nepotism won’t stop.

Divyanka stressed on the fact that everyone wants to be known by their own work. And we could not agree more. Well said!!

Furthermore stressing on letting individuality prevail, the actress mentions how if celebrities adhere by the attachments given, they are called nepotist and if they don’t they are referred as insecure.

Divyanka Tripathi has a clear cut message to stop this cycle of using names of spouses and relatives and to accept individual talent.

The tweets by the actress are substantial. Raising valid points it will make you stop and think. And we say it is about time individual talent is accepted.

Check out her tweets below –


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