Eijaz Khan’s Story About Reuniting With His Sister Is The Best Thing That You Will See On Reality TV


Juzzbaatt Sangeen se Namkeen se is the latest celebrity chat show to hit the television sets. The show has managed to get lot of celebrities to share aspects of their personal lives that have not been known.

In the past, we have seen actors like Adaa Khan, Divyanka Tripathi bare their souls on the show.

This Saturday, it was a Khan special on Juzzbaatt as Iqbal and Eijaz Khan graced the show. Both of them are veteran actors and have worked across the genres.

The host of show is Rajeev Khandelwal and all three of them had started off their careers in 2003 under the Blaaji banner.

The comfort that all three share was very evident all through the show. The conversations were mostly free flowing. However, during the course of the conversation Eijaz mentioned that he had never met his sister till she was about 13 years.

Later in the show, she also sent him a special message in which she told how much she loves him. She goes on to tell that even though they met later in life but the bond that they share is truly unique.

Apart from his sister, Eijaz also has a younger brother who is 14 months younger to him. We are truly touched by the emotional revelations made by Eijaz regarding reuniting with his sister on the show.

It truly goes on to show the emotional connect that the actor has with his siblings. In the world, where sibling rivalry is talked more than sibling bonding, we felt that this story is worth checking out.


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