Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna : Tashan between Kabir And Pooja To Emit Fire In Today’s Episode And We Are Already Excited!

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

Star Plus’ ‘Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna’ recently underwent a few changes in the story line, although nothing rapid that would shift the viewers focus from the story. If anything, the new twist has only spiked and garnered the interest even more.

Shrenu Parikh who plays Pooja Sharma isn’t fully done and dusted yet with the revenge from Mittals and is keen on demeaning them as and when necessary. Amidst all the flak that Mittals are facing right now, Kabir mittal (played by Zain Imam) and Pooja are seen at constant loggerheads with each other.

Their scenes are filled with what we can truly define as ‘pure tashan’ for now, with no unnecessary hints of the heroine falling over the hero and with full proof challenges being thrown at each other. This sort of fiery fight is what viewers and fans craved for since the beginning and they are now finally coming up on screen.

For the upcoming, the blazing heat will intensify a little more with Kabir coming to seek a job in Pooja Sharma’s company (his father’s former company). The spat between the two, that follows would be a thing to watch with a tub of popcorn in hand.

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The precap after Friday’s episode would make the viewers sit on the edge of their seats waiting for Monday’s episode. The way Kabir throws tissue papers at Pooja saying, “Nauri. Ke. Liye. Tum. Mujhe. Khud. Bulaane. Aaogi.”, each word with a pause and with a challenging attitude, it makes you instantly sit up at the sheer audacity and open ultimatum that Kabir delivers on the screen. In that short clip of the precap, we must say, Zain Imam has been awesome!

Talking about the two actors in frame Zain Imam and Shrenu Parikh, it would be inappropriate to even rate the performances they are currently delivering. Looking at more of what’s coming, all we can say is this is amongst one of the best face offs happened on TV till date. The viewers have long waited for this sort of storyline to come across and now are being served the same on platter.

The unconventional and rather intriguing content is what we hardly get to witness on Indian TV these days and hence this is what should be given the credit it deserves in terms of the appropriate viewership to start with!

If you have missed the precap, here’s a glimpse of it that is doing rounds on the social media –




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