Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna : The 2nd Promo Of Shrenu Parikh’s Show Leaves Behind A Thrilling Edge – PROMO REVIEW

Shrenu Parikh
Shrenu Parikh

Widow spider it is this time! These little black creatures particularly the female ones are whom you’d like to know about more. Not for any petting advice but just in case you come across Star Plus’ upcoming show Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna‘s brand new promo, then we wouldn’t want you to be unknown to these interesting facts. After all, these are sure even to spice up your interest even further.

These eight-legged scary creatures are called widow spiders for a reason. The females of this species show a great deal of sexual cannibalism meaning they eat their male partners themselves after mating. Sounds pretty scary right?

Well, that’s the next animal kingdom resemblance we have in the latest promo of the show being lead by the female leading lady Shrenu Parikh. The promo kick starts with another national geographic like a description about the widow spiders (hey, don’t take that otherwise, we miss those curiosity filled informative channels okay!) — the narrative which again builds up the suspense which intensifies when Jhanvi comes into the picture.

Shrenu Parikh
Shrenu Parikh In Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna

By the looks of it superficially , all you can see Is a housewife spending sometime cooking something special for her family and the next moment the bubble shatters because the woman is just fiercely chopping something on board ( more of seems like murdering someone underneath) and along with the vegetables goes some blood into the boiling stew.

Then like in the previous promo the evil smirk lurks for a second before it vanishes into thin air and is replaced by the bholi-bhali obedient ‘hanji papaji’ tone.

What sent us over the edge – The whole evil Indian bahu concept time and again in this show is giving the chills. From being the heroine to the villain, Jhanvi seems to be driving the show with a force that’s hard to resist.

And not to forget the similes with the insects is an unusual promo concept, the show has come up with so it makes it to the top of a list of the shows to be watched. For all we know, Jhanvi may be shown to be having a notch higher evil quotient! So buck up for it looks like finally, something enthralling is going to capture the attention.

And yes, In case you haven’t, here are the widow spiders and Jhanvi to watch out –



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