Ek Duje Ke Vaaste: 5 Things That Connected With Viewers And Will Be Missed The Most After It Goes Off Air!

Shravan And Suman - Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Shravan And Suman - Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Undoubtedly, the show is going to be missed very badly!!!!!!! Especially Namik Paul, Nikita Dutta, Anjali Mukhi, Rajeev Kumar, Satyajit Sharma, Ranjit Singh, Shraddha Jaiswal, Palak Jain, Geetanjali Tikekar, Madan Joshi, Atharva Phadnis, Aditi Rathore, Ronit Kapil, Vishal Jethwa among others…..

As the show is going off air this week, here are things that the fans of the show are going to miss!

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

ShraMan moments

Shravan (aka Namik Paul) and Suman’s (aka Nikita Dutta) love moments will be terribly missed by the ardent fans of the show. EDKV fans have been going frenzy over the show going off air already. Well the last few episodes have raised the enthusiasm and excitement level. ShraMan’s cute love stares will be majorly missed. Their love confession scene has been the most awaited sequence and will be missed greatly.

While the show storyline is based on their love growing since childhood, the couple love each other secretly. Despite showing their arrogance towards each other, they can’t hold back their true emotions in the time of adversity.

There are several ShraMan moments loved and adored by the fans especially Shravan saving Sumo during her marriage when Aditya tries to harass her. ShraMan’s silent talks through eyes stole the scene profoundly.

Namik Paul In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Namik Paul In Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Cute fights

ShraMan’s cute nok-jhoks are the USP of the show. Towards the end of the show’s end, their fights have increased due to their misunderstandings. But we still love them fighting as we fight only with our loved ones the most!

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Chachi’s and Lalaji’s Dialogue

Shravan’s Chachi’s (played by Anjali Mukhi) much favorite and famous dialogue “Kuch Vi Aivyen” is remembered by all the fans dearly. The coolest character in the show is Lalaji (Shyamnath Malhotra) played by Rajeev Kumar. He adds mint and peace to the situations with his cool attitude while managing his wife with his sweet words “Soneyo, Makhna De Doneyo”.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste
Ek Duje Ke Vaaste

Nanaji’s teachings to ShraMan

The youngest guy on the show is Nanaji! While age is just a number, this man proves it purely. Nanaji understands his kids –Shravan and Suman truly. Without him, ShraMan’s marriage wouldn’t be possible.
Amidst all Dabbu finally learnt rubic cube from Shravan. Young Shravan and young Sumo scenes adds up to the sweet understanding and nostalgic moments to their love story. We will also miss Tiwari family, Malhotra family, Preeti-Pushkar’s love story, Gogloo (Remember, Suman’s love confession to him and Shravan’s jealous remark, ‘Diabetes na ho jaye!!!’ ), DH se Dhurendar, Preeta, Nirmala Ahuja (Shravan’s mother), Vandy Bhabhi (her cute bonding with Chachi ji), Varun bhaiya and Aditya (without his jealousy track and love triangle our most loved couple ShraMan wouldn’t be together).

There are innumerable moments which will bring tears in her eyes when being nostalgic about the show.

The fans of the show are now demanding for a Season 2 of Ek Duje Ke Vaaste with the same cast.


  1. not only 5 things everything will be missed so much …. please humpe raham karo and give us Ek Duje Ke Vaaste season 2 with the same cast, Namik-Nikita , Anjali mukhi, sradhha, ranjeet, sattyajeet sir , Nanaji and with all the same cast.. please somebody help us to achieveing our favourite show #EDKV back.. PLEASE


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