Ekta Kapoor : Prerna Now Is Going To Torn Between Anu’s Boyish Yet Deep Intensity And Bajaj‘s Age Old Charm

Ekta Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor’s Kasautii Zindagii Kay is going to pave way for the entry of the much awaited Mr. Bajaj soon.

It’s no news that Karan Singh Grover is going to come back to television through this iconic role of Rishabh Bajaj that was earlier played by Ronit Roy in the original series of Kasauti Zindagi Kay.

Bajaj is an aged man, he is sharp, he is mature, he has his own charm. All of that we already know from the old season of Kasauti.

So then what will be new? Or rather let’s say how will Ekta Kapoor define the new Rishabh Bajaj?

We have the answer right here for you.

Ekta Kapoor in her very recent tweet has expressed in words exactly how Rishabh Bajaj 2.0 will be. She wrote,”Hello Rishab !! U r hardhearted as steel & sexy old wine .. An acquired taste like single malt …u carry ur calculated casualness with a panther like walk!! Mr bajaj is back!!! Prerna now is going 2 torn between Anu’s boyish yet deep intensity n bajaj‘s age old charm !!!”

Check out her tweet below –

We are also equally excited to watch KSG as the new Bajaj. Let’s see how Prerna’s story moves forward with his entry in AnuPre’s life.


  1. This Bajaj is a total turn off!!!!

    Anurag has improved in 18 years!!!

    KSG looks awful in this get up!!!! And why does a father of a 7 year old who is maximum 35+ have grey hair??


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