Ekta Kapoor Takes Charge Of Box Cricket League Season 2

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Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor Takes Charge Of Box Cricket League Season 2

Post her success with daily soaps, reality shows and films the czarina of Indian television is venturing onto sports reality. Ekta Kapoor has decided to take charge of producing Box Cricket League Season 2. While the first season of the celebrity cricket matches was a trial, the second will be televised.

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But wait, there is more. Rather than televise the actual match, the viewers will be able to experience the behind the scenes drama as well. Turning the match into a reality show, Ekta Kapoor has decided to feature the “casting” process along with behind the scenes live action also known as the locker room showdown.

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A total of 155 television personalities have signed up to be a part of 8 distinct teams which are owned and headed by television actors themselves. Promotions photo shoots, giveaways and much more has already taken place for each of the teams. This will be the first time that television celebrity matches will be made available on the small screen. Prior to this, only Bollywood’s celebrity match (CCL) was televised.

Without further ado, let the games begin!

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