Ekta Kapoor’s Latest Instagram Post Hints At The Arrival Of Mr. Bajaj In Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2!


The season 2 of Kasautii Zindagii Kay came in with a lot of expectations regarding the cast and content which the show has managed to satisfy its viewers with, until now.

After the much hyped introduction of the iconic character of Komolika who is being played by Hina Khan this season, it’s time to let the drums roll for the next biggest star character to enter the show.

None other than one of the most iconic roles of Mr. Bajaj which was played by the talented and experienced actor Ronit Roy in the original version, is about to be introduced soon.

The news herself is confirmed by the producer of the show Ekta Kapoor who is keeping the name of the actor a secret still.

Well this surely has us wondering who the lucky actor is going to be. Ronit Roy Bose was one actor who had flawlessly portrayed the role and made it a memorable one till date.

For the new actor to match up to the impact that the former actor created is the real challenge now.

Check below to see Ekta Kapoor’s latest post bidding a good bye to Mr. Bajaj played by the one and only Ronit Roy Bose –


  1. Never ever say goodbye!!!!

    Ronit Roy was and will always be Mr. Bajaj for us!!!!

    No one can play it better than him!!!!

    As for the new cast, Parth has been great as Anurag and most have been good except the new Prerna (though Erica is improving now)!!!! The worst casting was of Komolika and Hina is awful in it!!!!

    Seeing all this, I am losing hope of a good Mr. Bajaj!!!!

    He is the most important character to cast and the hardest to match up to!!!!

    Plus another issue remains that this Anurag has not yet screwed up (except doing a few stupid things) for half the fan base to shift to supporting Mr. Bajaj!!!!


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