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Erica Fernandes aka Sonakshi of Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi is is one of the most loved faces of Indian television currently. Before making her debut on the small screen, she was a known face in the South Film Industry as well. We recently had the opportunity to chat with her and here are excerpts from the conversation –

1) As I mentioned earlier, a lot of your new fans have been mesmerized with your performance and the rapport you share with the team. Tell us a little bit about the process you’ve nailed out right before the take.

Actually whatever I do with the scenes is like I make it my own. So how would I do it or how will I react to in a certain situation? I read the scene and make it my own. So that is how I can perform. So that is why it comes across naturally.

2) Do you have any lengthy discussions with your co-stars prior to shooting a scene together?

Not really. We do rehearsal and that’s when we figure out what to do, where we can alter things and how to go about with it. Otherwise we don’t have that kind of time. We’re always here jumping from one scene to another.

3) Which film of yours would you recommend your loyal followers to watch?

For a love story, I would recommend my Kannada film Ninnindale. And then there is film which is different from the south film called Galipatam. It’s a Telugu film. It’s a very different film where we have moved out of that conservative zone that people make. It’s a story about two people who actually fall in love with someone else before, but are married to the wrong person. They are good friends after getting married. They speak to each other and go back to their ex’s. So it’s going in that zone which South has never done before.

4) A lot happened this year. From debuting on television to participating in Ekta Kapoor’s Box Cricket League. What were your reactions to the concept when you initially heard about it?

I had actually watched one or two matches, not the entire matches but while surfing channels I just came across BCL and I used to wonder how they play (laughs). Because we’re playing with not a proper ball, it’s a smiley ball… a sponge ball that you play with. It’s very tough. Only after I went to practice, I realised it’s really really tough to play with that ball.

People who normally bowl with a seasoned ball cannot play with that smiley ball. So it requires a lot of practice to actually get used to bowling with that ball. It is a pretty nice thing, people who love cricket, people who love playing the sport come here, make time to come here from their busy schedule to enjoy together. Being actors at the end of the day we don’t get so much time to enjoy because we’re so busy with work that we don’t get to do anything else. It is like a stress buster for us.

Erica Fernandes As Sonakshi Bose
Erica Fernandes As Sonakshi Bose

5) Did you find yourself feeling excited while on the ground or right up front with the bat?

I love the game. I am not more of a watcher. And I like playing the sport. If you ask me to watch a match then I might get bored after a point of time. If you ask me of playing, then I love playing.

6) Would you think of participating in next season of BCL?

Yeah, I don’t mind. It will be lovely to.

7) Turning our focus again to Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi, your character, Sonakshi Bose has already exhibited different emotions till date. She’s independent, yet reserved and manages to sweep audiences off their feet with her simplicity. Which five scenes till date would you say are the closest to your heart?

There are scenes which I do with my family. Actually she’s got a lot of shades as you said because she is very different when it comes to her family. When she’s with her parents she’s different. When she is with her cousin sister and brother, she’s different. When she’s at work she is different.

The scenes that is the closest to me is one with Elena, when I talk to her and when I vent out everything after I get to know that Dev is getting engaged. Then my accident scene with Dev. Then one of the scenes with Ishwari ji. There’s a lot of different scenes and the badminton scene with Nikki. They are all different scenes with different shades and I like all of them.

8) Before we culminate, we’d like to know three unknown facts about Erica Fernandes which no other media house or fans really know about. It could be anything from your childhood, college or from your recent times.

I don’t know what people know about me (laughs). I like singing and I have made a cover of one of the songs also and put it online. And I don’t know if many people know this, but I love to paint and sketch. So I used to do that and as well as stitching clothes. I used to stitch my own clothes at one point of time. And yeah…I’m very adventurous. I love nature and even animals, and for me I would love going in to the wild. I like doing those things also.

9) Any recent trips outside?

No, I haven’t made any trips except for Lanka, the last one that I went to.

10) Lastly, what is something the viewers can look forward to in Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi?

Right now we were doing some rain sequences, and I think that this is something people should look forward to as it is cute and a happy moment.



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