Exclusive: This Is What Has Happened To Zain Imam’s Hand!

Zain Imam
Zain Imam

We recently asked our fans on Twitter and Instagram, if they would want us to ask any questions from their favorite celebrity Zain Imam and there were plenty of interesting questions that poured in within minutes.

One of the fans, also brought to our attention that Zain seemed to have been nursing an injury for about a week. Even we were curious to know if this was indeed true and also check in on how he was doing?

So we did ask Zain Imam about the same. He indeed confirmed the news and even went on to add that it is Tendon inflammation or De quervains tenosynovitis and because of this he will not be able to even workout for almost a month. He also added that he is taking all the necessary precautions.

“Yeah, it’s right! I have been doing physiotherapy for that. It is Tendon inflammation or De quervains tenosynovitis and yeah they are right it is almost a week now. It will take some time to heal now. For a month now I will not be able to do any workout or even cycling. I am taking precaution right now,” says Zain Imam.

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Zain Imam can now be seen in the recently launched show ‘Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna’ on Star Plus. His earlier show on Star Plus where he played the character of Neil Khanna was also a stupendously popular. Even now the fans can’t mention AvNeil without taking a big sigh!

The good thing though for Zain Imam is that ‘Ek Bhram-Sarvagun Sampanna’ has got a great start and people are already looking forward to what is coming there way. For his injury, we do hope that he recovers soon and send him tons of get well soon wishes.

To read the full interview, stay tuned to Fuze and also share what more you might want us to ask him or the other actors.


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