For The Fans By The Fans – Get All ‘Crazy In Love’ Over ShivIka!


Hola there! We’re back with another treat for your sore eyes which must have been missing out on some musical and intense Shivika dose.

This fan video is nothing short of an extremely amazing rewind of Shivika’s extensively high on emotions journey.

With the famous ‘crazy in love’ song, from Fifty Shades Of Grey, enough to drive the senses frenzy, the scenes put in the video seem like an appropriate fit for the same.

The effects, colouring and timing while watching might make you zone out entirely for the effect it has is pretty mind boggling.

Well, with this musical number giving you all the Shivika feels, get ready to drown in passion, ego, takkar and eventually you’ll get ‘crazy in love’ with Shivika for sure.

Have a look at this amazing fan creation below –

Video Courtesy : sweety

Original Video Content – Star Plus

Original Audio Content – Crazy in Love (Epic Trailer Version) (feat. Wülf)” by J2 (iTunes)

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