Farnaz Shetty Hopes To Finish Last Schedule Of Her Debut Telugu Film Before Everything Goes For A Toss!


Farnaz Shetty, who has been shooting for her debut Telugu film Indu Vadana, is anxious too but trying to stay positive. Amid the surge in COVID cases in the state, Maharashtra government has announced further restrictions on public movement in the state. This has resulted in film and TV shoots coming to a halt. Much like many other industries, this is the second time showbiz will be going through a major setback.

“I just finished my second schedule of the film in Hyderabad. We started facing complications in the last few days but somehow managed to finish our work. Now only the climax part is left to be shot. I just hope we finish shooting that portion soon otherwise everything would go for a toss,” Shetty sounds worried.

The pandemic is far from over and those who thought “corona is gone” and flouted norms should now learn their lesson hard, says the actor.

“You have to understand the gravity of the situation and act accordingly. We have to follow all protocols to break the chain. Panicking is not the solution. I just hope this pandemic comes to a full stop. We need to go back to our normal lives soon. The entertainment industry is facing a crisis of this sort for the first time. 2020 shouldn’t get repeated, we must work towards that. Everyone should get vaccinated at the earliest,” she adds.


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