Fashion Trends On Indian TV That Are Setting A Rage!


Ladies of small screen are the real style divas for women out there. What Anika is wearing, the jewelries that Ishita did wear, the way Shagun draped the saree, become a style statement for them.

So hereby we present you with some recent fashion trends that are creating a rage among the viewers. Take a look –

Aditi Rathore
Aditi Rathore

1. Avni (Naamkarann)

Aditi Rathore is one pretty actress that has fit in the bill for Avni’s character way too perfectly. With Avni’s post marriage look already on board, the ensemble given to the actress is quite elegant and yet stylish at the same time.



Special mention to her certain blouses with shoulder cuts and others added with a collar are definitely setting some new trends to follow in even the most traditional attire.

Also the way she carries her each outfit with utmost confidence makes it look top notch.

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