Father’s Day Special : TV Actors Talk About The Moment When Their Fathers Scolded Them During Childhood

TV Actors on Father's Day
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma:
My father is my lifeline, my best buddy and my strongest support. Father’s day is of a great importance to me. I want to celebrate this day with my father doing whatever he likes or wherever he wants to go. It is like celebrating my God’s birthday. I want to thank the Lord for giving me this wonderful gift. I remember I fought with a girl in my class and my father was called to school. My class teacher told him the whole story and to my surprise my father slapped me in public for the first time. I felt really embarrassed and didn’t talk to him the whole day. In the evening, dad came to me and said “how would you feel if I misbehave with your mom? You won’t like it right? Nobody in our family does that. I want you to become a gentleman and this is the first step.”

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