Fifty Shades OF Barun Sobti – Birthday Special

Barun Sobti in Shraddha

The heartthrob of millions of girls worldwide and the current craze amongst Arab girls, turned 31 today. Age is just a number as this man with every year looks even more gorgeous. His popularity seems to be only increasing by the day and you guys must be wondering who we are talking about. It’s none other than the humble and hot Barun Sobti. He doesn’t believe in talking much but his work has always spoken for him. It’s his happy birthday today and like every year his fans have made it a point to celebrate his birthday on a grand scale.

On this special day lets go through all the work that he has done so far in this industry. Barun has various shades to himself, and even the characters he has played till date have been way different from each other. He is known for the kind of work he chooses, always unique and different. From his very first show Shraddha to his upcoming films, he has come a long way. From his friends to his co-stars, everyone is all praises for him and his humble stature.

Barun Sobti in Shraddha
Barun Sobti in Shraddha

The First Break!

He started his career with Shraddha on Star Plus, he got the show by fluke. Since his friend had prior commitments, he forwarded Barun’s pictures and voila! Barun was welcomed into this industry. Even the show didn’t do that great Barun was noticed and his talent was recognised.



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