Five Heroes On Television Who Really Need To Turn Heroic Soon!

heros of television
Harshad Arora And Preetika Rao In Beintehaa as Zain and Aaliya

Zain of Beintehaa
Zain has become dejected after all that has happened recently. He has been all waterworks throughout the difficult times. Tears and Zain Andulllah are becoming synonymous now. The man who had a habit of giving it back everytime is now taking in everything silently. Audiences cannot wait for the day when Zain Abdullah will be back in action.


  1. Well, that’s not going to be the case from now on! Hope our Zain gets back to his naughty and coll dude attitude types this Diwali!

    Guys, I’m sure this Diwali’s gonna be a wonderful one for BI fans! Hope you all enjoy it!

    Happy Diwali!


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