Five Reasons For Why Rangrasiya Is A Must Watch

Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani in Rangrasiya
Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani in Rangrasiya

Rang Rasiya is definitely one of the must watch new shows. The show has garnered a lot of interest since its inception. It has brought forth a promising story. The chemistry between Ashish Sharma and Sanaya Irani is just the icing on the cake for this show. Fuze has come up with the top five reasons to watch Rangrasiya.

1. Engaging Plot And Screenplay

The plot of the show has a lot of promise. It depicts the issues some villages have that are near the borders of two neighbouring countries. The people residing in the area often fear the border security and believe them to be corrupted. While some officers are indeed corrupt, there are many that aren’t. So it does have a realistic vision. The villain of the story, Thakur, is indeed a very well written character. The story has the love-hate theme for the lead couple, but it’s presented in a manner where it feels fresh and new.

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2. Impeccable Acting

The acting on the show has been in accordance with highest standards. Each and every actor seems to have found their place in their characters. All the characters on the show are very well written or scripted, right down to something as simple as a flick of a mustache.

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3. Sets And Costumes

The sets have a very rustic traditional village look to them. The fact that a portion was actually shot in Rajasthan, makes it look more realistic. The costumes are as per traditional Rajasthani style with a few updated looks as it is a show set in today’s time.

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4. Cinematography And Direction

The director of photography (DOP) definitely deserves a lot of credit for how visually stunning the entire show looks. The execution of each and every scene and transitions are so well done that it has a very larger than life feature film like feel to it.

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It doesn’t feel like one is watching a television show. The direction has brought out the best in the actors. The interactions between Rudra (Ashish Sharma) and Paro (Sanaya Irani) are class apart. They set a tone for each episode and definitely leave the viewer wanting for more.

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5. Dialogues

The dialogues are extremely well written. They incorporate the Rajasthani dialect, but definitely give enough hindi for the non-Rajasthani to understand. Raghuvir Shekhawat indeed is one of the best dialogue writers in the industry. The dialogues come off realistic as they fit the persona of the characters.

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These are our top five reasons. What are yours? Are you enjoying Rangrasiya? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze!

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    • LOL!!!! What the hell does BI have to do with an article on RR??? You people just constantly show your stupidity with comments like this. If you don’t have the intelligence to make a well thought out comment then why make a fool of yourself with this quite inane comparison between two shows which are not in competition, except in the minds of a few idiots who don’t want Sanaya to succeed because her success somehow takes away from their right to believe that the wannabe grocer was responsible for the success of IPKKND.


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