What If These Flawed TV Characters Take Tips From The Other To Become Better?


Characters are meant to be flawed. Every other character in the telly world cannot be ‘perfect’ or without any ‘grey shades’. There are some characters who are too ‘serious’ or too ‘jovial’. Some are too good in love and some are that bad in fulfilling promises. Some women are great as mothers in law and some are downright pathetic.

So today, keeping in mind these contrast of different characters, we will send each of the flawed characters to the ones from whom they can learn to overcome their flaws.

Take a look –

Sanskar And Dev

Dev – Sanskar

As much as Dev is a pathetic husband to Sona, that good Sanskar is as a life partner to Swara. When it came to fulfilling responsibilities, be a friend to how wife, protecting his wife and also considering his in laws as his own, this guy never ever had let Swara down.

Dev doesn’t need to become another Sanskar but a little tip from him on how to keep your wife happy or take good care of her family or even how to become a good son in law would really help Dev go up in the eyes of the viewers.

Look at the irony, both Dev and Sanskar have Bengali wives who lovingly address them as ‘Boka’ and yes, even Sanskar call Swara as ‘Shona’!

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