For The Fans By The Fans – Adnan Sami’s Magical Melody Is The Perfect Fit For Shivaay And Anika’s Story

For The Fans By The Fans Shivika VM

It’s been long we have come up with a bag of talented stuff for you guys but once we lay hands on something worth it, it’s sure to be presented to you too. Once again another creative fan from the Shivika fandom has come up with a beautiful compilation of scenes and stretches from the show and with Adnan Sami’s soul-stirring Melody of ‘Tera Chehra ‘ added to it, the few minutes of this video mix is nothing short of a music video experience.

With the words perfectly filling the bill with the scenes picked up from the show, from the rush of emotions aptly brought out with the music and the subtle effects just multiplying the esthetics, this video will be a perfect watch to relive Shivika’s journey in an entirely new light.

It makes you feel the brewing love between the couple, it makes you witness the warmth and belonging that Shivika had, it will make you smile with that and will make you go all Senti with the little hints of emotions flooding it. All in all, it’s a perfect means to revive Shivika’s Ishqbaazi in an musical way.

For the 90’s kids out there, you might just lipsing the song along; we bet you might be having that somewhere in your playlist too! Scroll down and Watch the magic unfold for yourself. And if you also have or know of any such creative work, make sure to share it with us!

Look out for the video below –

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