For The Fans By The Fans – Meet Marty Singh Oberoi Who’s On A Mission To Make Shivika Fall In Love!

Marty Singh Oberoi
Marty Singh Oberoi

No no no fellas! Before you jump to the conclusion of any new character being introduced in your very beloved Ishqbaaaz, by that name ‘Marty Singh Oberoi’ then you don’t need to panic as it’s only a product of some great creative streak.

The amount of unconventional ideas that pour in through fans at times even surpass the perfectionists and makes one wonder if that piece of imagination could ever exist in real.

And that’s what we were exactly thinking when we watched this small trailer sequence of Marty Singh Oberoi, Shivika’s fictional son, who has been transported back in time only to make his parents fall in love again to be back in future.

The clips from the show and the characters have been intelligently put and the blending effects are absolutely great!

Watch this full fledged Hollywood type drama that exists only in Feelmichmichi’s world and nowhere else and dive into an all together different and unique Shivika world, right here –

And this would be a lovely and perfect edit for a cover picture of the video, right?



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