For The Fans By The Fans : Relive The Magic Of Armaan And Riddima’s Tale Through The Lens Of These Snippets! – WATCH VIDEO

Dill Mill Gayye

Armaan Malik and Riddhima Gupta are still alive in the memories of their umpteen number of admirers.

The fans can never get enough of Armaan and his beloved Basket’s story. They spread a smile even today.

Thus today we bring to you in the ‘For The Fans And By The Fans’ section, a gorgeous video mix of the cherished TV jodi Armaan – Riddhima from Dill Mill Gayye.

The VM is intricately made and the clips are beautiful. It traces the Armaan – Riddhima’s tale with subtle finesse.

It is downright gorgeous and it rekindles the good old Riddhima – Armaan’s memorable memories.

Watch The VM Below Now –

VM Courtesy :

Video Courtesy :
Star India

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