For The Fans By The Fans – That’s How Love Makes And Breaks ShivIka!


Love makes you see the world in a different light. It makes you see the good in bad, it can make you cross miles for someone, it can make you experience the heavenly feelings while at the same time it comes with it’s share of pain and tears.

Talking about love amidst ShivIka, we can say they have bore it all and while their happy faces today can make you grin like a fool, their heartbreak and pain isn’t easy to forget too.

This fan mix video is another level of treat to watch as it takes you down the memory lane of how love has made and broken them apart too.

What sets it aside in the crowd of other brilliant fan videos is the fact that it comes out not merely as another Bollywood audio meddled with appropriate scenes but rather gives you a visual experience like that of a perfect music video starting Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna.

The unconventional song selection with the music band and other clips attached make it worth appreciating.

The story it tells makes you go through the testing times in ShivIka’s tale of love.

Watch the brilliant work right here –

Video Courtesy : Feel Michmichi

Original Video Content : Star Plus, Lawson – Standing In The Dark, Casie Mods – Fly By Night, Morten Rustad – Seasons Of Norway

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