For The Fans By The Fans : The Reason Why Sameer Is The Ultimate Hero With All Traits And You Cannot Just Disagree With This!

Randeep Rai As Sameer In Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai
Randeep Rai As Sameer In Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

This section isn’t going to bring forth any video mix or edits today but there’s something else that makes this feature special altogether.

Fans always find ways to express their love and admiration for their favourites in one way or the other and this fan has probably found another beautiful way to express her profound love for her favourite T town star, Randeep Rai.

Randeep’s portrayal of Sameer has garnered him a huge fan following and not to forget the number of females fan going all gaga over his character for all the right reasons is just humongous.

While we had listed out the heroic qualities of the top most leading males on TV, this fan of Randeep Rai aka Sameer tells us why Sameer is solely in himself a complete package of all that one can wish to see.

This heartwarming post pours out the sides of Sameer in the most beautiful way and you surely won’t be able to disagree with it. Check out this special fan feature here –


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