For The Fans By The Fans – This One Tells You Why AvNeil Are True Soulmates!


In this galaxy of stars, she is his moon.
In this world of villains, he is her hero.
When the world is a variable, he is the constant in her life.
In the algebra of life, she is the ‘x’ without whom the equations always go haywire.

Well, that’s how they both complete each other in all walks of life and the only aesthetic representation in a concise form is this beautiful video mix by an ardent fan.

Less on music, but surely high on emotional connect amidst Avni and Neil, each and every sentence of the lyrics fits in perfectly as if tailor made for this vivacious couple.

The scenes weave magic, they take you back in time and will wind your thoughts around how they’ve come across to be the perfect T for each other, the missing pieces of a puzzle who fit together to never break apart.

It’s a saga of how and why the destiny entwined the two fates together because they were the ‘soulmates’ and were always meant to be!


Video Courtesy : @thatvmmakeronig

Original Video Content – Star Plus

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  1. Adiza avnil you are the best i love your chemistry plzz come back to television plzz miss you gays i love you adiza my adu di avnill


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