For The Fans By The Fans – When Neil’s Shirt Became Everyone’s Hindrance!


We have quite an interesting entry in here today for this special section. Up till now the video mixes featured have made you witness the romance or the tragic love stories from across your favourite shows but today we are dealing with a serious issue.

Here in this fan video surprisingly Neil’s shirt has become a matter of grave concern right now. You ask why?

Well we have a rib tickling mix here and by the snippets of when and and how they’ve been combined, it seems like from Avni to fans, all waited all this while for Neil to take off his shirt and how!

The mix is sure to set you rolling with laughter and yes it gives you a pretty good chance to stare wide at those abs.

What made us roll with laughter was the addition of the shot from Pirates Of Caribbean which signifies how the fans are always running behind that hindrance in the name of a shirt!

And for Mr. Khanna’s expressions, you gotta see the video below.

Video Courtesy : @MaYaVids on Twitter

Video Courtesy : Star Plus, Pirates Of Caribbean, MTV BCL

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