From A Regular Son, An Insight Into Every Father’s Regular Journey – By Nakuul Mehta


The search engine Google defines the word ‘Regular’ as “arranged in constant/ definite pattern”

The same search engine defines the word ‘Hero’ as “a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, noble qualities”.

Going by the meaning of these two terms one ought to wonder why can’t a Hero be the Regular.

We all have a regular man in our life who is our constant support and our teacher. We see him laugh, smile, crack jokes and cry – that regular man is the constant defined by the word DAD/ FATHER.

In the most beautiful ode to his father this father’s day, actor Nakuul Mehta in an awe inspiring video, flowing with beautiful words that take your heart away talks about the ‘Regular Man’.

In simple but mind churning words as Nakuul Mehta recites the struggles the regular man wrestles in life, the video leaves you emotional and teary.

Quoting the actor’s words from the video – “Cheers Dad, cheers to your simplicity, your compassion, your idiosyncratic love, your ever so elegant fashion, your advice, your flaws, your belief in life, your beard and the mooch that you wear, cheers to me trying to mirror your every single flair, cheers to me trying to not be a hero, but just ‘a regular man’…”

The words are remarkable and indeed Nakuul Mehta’s beautiful message changes the outlook of how ‘REGULAR’ is perceived.

Your Dad who struggles to give you every luxury that he couldn’t afford himself, your Papa who loves to experience the joy of taking you for a bicycle ride on a weekly holiday, your Abbu whose eyes sparkle watching their ‘gudiya‘ and their ‘shehzada‘ twirling in their new dresses on Eid or your Baba who loves to teach you to make mishti doi at times besides just savoring it – All of these wonderful men, who have been their daughters’ superheroes and their sons’ first confidants are just the regular men in our oh so regular lives yet trying to make everything not so regular but extravagant for us.

They’re just as simple as us, making mistakes, sometimes feeling low yet trying to be the ‘man’ of the house as they never want their children to see the weak side of world.

They have their weak moments yet they have to appear the perfect picture you could be as you learn from them.

Dads are regular. As regular as we are. Nakuul Mehta’s video is a gorgeous reminder of how special our dads need to feel. How special, regular his dad is as much as yours and mine are.

Believe him, love his flaws, admire his perfection and see how that makes his regular life just amazing!

This Father’s day, not a selfie but take a regular picture with your father and hang it on your room’s wall instead of just having it saved in not yours but your phone’s memory!


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