RK To KRK : Confusion Hi Confusion Without Any Solution In Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhubala : RK V/S KRK
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, a grand title in itself has shifted focus to a new entry! Post the dip due to the previous boring track, the makers have decided to bring a fresh entry that is bound to create more drama and enlighten the audience with much needed comic relief.

Giving run for his money, Rishabh Kundra (Vivian Dsena), has finally found his twin match Keval Ram Khajua (Vivian Dsena). Yes! Keval Ram Khajua, known as KRK has arrived to give RK the biggest competition ever yet! Leaving the whole family and RK in utter shock, here comes the new nautanki bhai Keval Ram Khajua. Just as Sikandar Bhatia (Sikandar Kharbanda) said, “kaise pehchanenge asli hai ya nakli”.

Madhu (Drashti Dhami), who is aware of RK’s presence and his style more than himself, was found confused like a lost puppy as to understand who the real Rishabh Kundra (known as RK) was! For the first time, the gaon ka chora Keval Ram Khajua has create bhuchal (earthquake) within the RK mansion.

However the drama from this hit series has rolled out from reel to the real as well. The nickname KRK given as Keval Ram Khajua has sparked flames of anger within the real KRK (Kamal Rashid Khan). The real KRK did shower his anger on the channel and producers on Twitter threatening them about throwing a court case on them.

But Kamal Rashid Khan, did soften up later on Twitter as he left two different messages. He went on tweeting that he doesn’t mind the producers using his name, but only with his permission. Seems the hot iron has missed its target!

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Coming out of the Twitter drama, it will be interesting to see how the story unfolds with both RK and KRK (360 degrees different from RK) on screen. Thus far, the track has provided fresh breath of air to the loyal audience. This week, a glimpse of confusion sparked a shot of anger within RK. However will KRK’s probable step towards changing his looks and appearance to match ditto as RK, create a rift between RK and his lady love Madhu? We hope Madhu doesn’t get confused further between her fake hubby and real hubby!

Perhaps the smallest details between RK and KRK has been seamlessly performed by Vivian Dsena, that on-screen Madhu has no choice but to get confused. The grand style of RK to gaon ka chora, Keval, Vivian Dsena surely has acted flawlessly. The 360 degrees of differences between the two characters and within a single shot is not easy. From anger to comedy and intensity, Vivian’s ruthless RK will surely get competition with Vivian’s comedic Keval Ram Khajua.

This unusual male concentric twist surely would raise the eyebrows of the viewers. Moreover, it is very rare on Indian television for lead role heroes to play double roles. Vivian Dsena is completely doing justice towards his both the characters. Surely he has paved way for male concentric roles to gain more exposure on the small screen.

Bollywood, during its 80s and early 90s were filled with films like ‘Bol Radha Bol’ (starring Rishi Kapoor and Juhi Chawla) with two similar looking heroes. Rishi Kapoor, had mastered the vast differences between his on-screen characters, Kishen Malhotra and Tony Breganza in the film. While Kishen was the ideal beta, Tony was the bad boy. Rishi Kapoor as Tony enters as the identical man who looked exactly like Rishi Kapoor as Kishen. Tony was hired by the antagonist to steal the property that belonged to Kishen.

Perhaps Rishabh Kundra’s life may have an evil antagonist, that’s luring Keval Ram Khajua to harm and steal RK’s property? Keep watching Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon on Colors!

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Leave comments below on what you think KRK’s next move will be!

Author: A. Patel

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