GAME – Avni, Anika, Sonakshi Or Naira – Find Out Which Character You Resemble With The Most!

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Sonakshi, Anika, Avni and Naira – These 4 women characters on television are adored, admired and loved to bits by their admirers.

They are strong and can face challenge head on. They never back down from a difficult situation. They are different and unique.

Often these women characters have made their admirers proud, showcasing utmost fighting spirit and bravery.

And some of you may even have similar traits like them too. Some of you may admire the strength within these women as well.

So check out how you are, to whom your traits match the most! Are you similar to Anika, Avni, Naira or Sonakshi?

Answer the questions below and don’t forget to share the results with us!

Happy playing!

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