GAME – Shivaay, Dev, Neil Or Kartik – Find Out Which Character You Resemble With The Most!

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Dev Dixit, Shivaay Singh Oberoi, Neil Khanna and Kartik Goenka – They are the ideal heroes for many. Each one are different from each other.

Their behaviour, actions and reactions in a certain situation may vary widely, yet the one thing that you can vouch about them is that – They will face any adversity bravely and will come our victorious!

They are ultimate lovers. They are all man of honour and their word. They are inspirations and desires of many!

And some of you may even have similar traits like them too! Some of you may admire the heroes within these men as well.

So check out how you are, to whom your traits match the most! Are you similar to Dev, Kartik, Shivaay or Neil?

Answer the questions below and don’t forget to share the results with us!

Happy playing!

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  1. Oh how I feel proud of myself to be like Neil Khanna haha! 😉 No doubt he is my most favourite character on-screen lately.
    Nice game, Fuze!


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