Why Was Gauahar Khan Slapped? – In The Words Of Our Youth : WATCH VIDEO

Gauahar Khan
Gauahar Khan
Gauahar Khan

We have heard the sick reasoning behind why Gauahar Khan was slapped by the culprit himself and we are not going to reiterate his unintelligible reasoning. However, through it all Gauahar has remained dignified in her response to the repulsive incident.

We recently came across a man on YouTube, Shashwat Singh, who goes by the handle, monstershanu. In a 2 minutes and 11 seconds long video, Singh tells us why Gauahar was slapped and all that is wrong with the mentality of our society.

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He starts off explaining why Gauahar was slapped. It’s not because she’s wearing short clothes, but because the abuser had nothing else going on in his life. He goes on to say how some people are disappointed when a girl is born. When it comes to sending them to school, they don’t think about whether the school is good or not, but whether or not they should send her to school. Singh questions the mentality and mindsets of some people.

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He also tells us the difference when it comes to girls and boys marrying. He ends with a plea to our generation to never raise a hand at anyone and to stand up when you see injustice such as this happening. He reminds us that if we can be so different from the previous generation then our upcoming generation can be much better than us. We completely agree with Singh here. The only way to eradicate the sick mentality when it comes to women in our societies is to weed out the injustice that we hand over to women and to teach our children to be better than that.

What did you think of Singh’s words? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze.

Watch The Video Below:



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