Gautam Rode’s Accident On Mahakumbh Sets – WATCH VIDEO

Gautam Rode
Gautam Rode

Daredevil Gautam Rode suffered a major injury on the sets of his upcoming show Mahakumbh. While giving a take for one of the sequences, the actor had a mishap which led to severe injuries on his back, chin and legs.

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He was later rushed to a medical facility where he had to have 8 stitches to seal the wound. People present at the filming of the show not only witnessed the actor plummet from 28 feet high wall but also recorded the incident. The video of this heart breaking incident was uploaded on YouTube.

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As the main lead, Gautam is sporting a grungy look for the show. Promos of Mahakumbh went on air earlier this week and have been receiving rave reviews. Gautam Rode’s rugged look for the show is being appreciated by the masses and his tattooed back has become the talk of the town!

Let’s hope Gautam recovers from the incident soon. Here’s wishing him a speedy recovery!


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