Gautam Rode’s First Look In Mahakumbh : Meet Rudra – The Guardian Of Secrets – WATCH VIDEO

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Gautam Rode In Mahakumbh
Gautam Rode In Mahakumbh
Gautam Rode In Mahakumbh

Life OK’s Mahakumbh is set to start on December 15th and has been creating buzz since the makers unveiled the first look of the show. Mahakumbh will be starring Gautam Rode as Rudra, who is also termed as the guardian of secrets. Gautam’s look for the show is very different to what we have been seeing lately. He will have shorter hair and a tattoo on his back.

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The show is a supernatural thriller and Gautam’s character, Rudra will have supernatural powers. He uses them for the good of mankind without wanting any recognition or appreciation. In Mahakumbh, we will be privy to a secret that is 1000 years old, which has been erased from history.

The makers have now released the trailer where we see Rudra dropping a man from the top of a building and also saving a bus from falling off a bridge. The trailer shows that Rudra helps thousands, but no one recognizes him. He is part of the crowd, but completely different. Is Rudra a normal person or the guardian of secrets?

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What do you think of the new promo for Mahakumb? Will you be watching the show? Let us know in the comment section below and stay tuned to Fuze.

Watch The First Look Of Gautam Rode In Mahakumbh:



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