Geet.. Hui Sabse Parayi


When Geet first aired, we are introduced to a conservative Punjabi family. They wanted to marry off the eldest daughter of the family, Geet (played by Drashti Dhami). They had found an NRI man, Dev Khurana (played by Abhinav Shukla and later Samir Sharma), for her who lives in Canada. Geet wasn’t too keen on moving to Canada and leaving her family behind, however, she was smitten by Dev. One day Geet was out with Dev and her family when she got separated from them and some goons started chasing her. She runs into Maan Singh Khurana (played by Gurmeet Choudhary) and asks him for help. Maan ignores her so she had no choice, but to run. She eventually falls into a river. Maan goes out and saves her. Dev and Geet eventually get married and that is where her story truly starts. You see, Dev was already married and he had only married Geet for her property. He took her property, spent one night with her and left her in an airport. Unfortunately Geet turned out to be pregnant. Her family was against her giving birth to the child. We then see the torture she is put through and the eventual attempt at her life. Maan saves Geet again. Geet then presses charges against her cousin brother who had tried to kill her and severs ties with her family. The scene where she severs ties with her family was extremely emotional and very well directed as well as acted. She leaves Hoshiyarpur and moves to Delhi. She starts living with one of her dad’s friend and his daughter. The daughter works at Khurana Construction which is owned by Maan. Geet then becomes Maan’s secretary and that is when we get one of the most beloved and timeless love stories of our time. Maan and Geet have a very love-hate relationship. They argued, yet found it impossible to stay away from one another. Whenever Geet was in any trouble, Maan was there to save her. They didn’t realize that the very force that was driving them to hate each other was the fact that they were hopelessly in love with one another. Maan was the first to realize, though he tried hard to stop himself from feeling that way. Eventually, he gave in and tried to admit to Geet his feelings. Geet, on the other hand, knew that there couldn’t be a future with Maan as she was pregnant and when Maan tried to confess his feelings, she brushed him off. Maan then tries to make Geet jealous by asking her to find a bride for him as his dadima (played by Anju Mahendru) wanted him to get married. Maan starts to question Geet because he knew that she had feelings for him. After an attempt at Geet’s life by her brother where Maan saves her, Geet realizes that there’s no turning away from Maan. She later confesses to him about her pregnancy. Maan is shocked at first, but accepts her and the baby whole-heartedly. They finally get married, but it wasn’t all happily ever after. Geet has a miscarriage, there was much drama surrounding Dev and Maan, Maan gets beaten up so bad by goons that he loses his memory, etc . But as they say all’s well that ends well. Geet ended on a happy note with Geet giving birth to a baby boy.

Words could never express what a beautiful and passionate love story Geet had. Most of the credit for that goes to Gurmeet Choudhary and Drashti Dhami. The rest goes to the creatives, directors and producers. They had such amazing chemistry that fans not only loved to see them on screen together, but also off screen. Their many interviews are watched over and over by fans. There are still to this day many requests for a season two of Geet.. Hui Sabse Parayi. This was one of the most refreshing shows in recent times. It wasn’t your typical saas-bahu drama, but that of a woman who fought all odds and stood up for what she believed in. At first she was alone in her fight, but then she met the love of her life and he withstood every bit of pain for her. Maan became the ideal man for many.

There will be many shows that come and go, but none will ever match up to the story, the love, the passion, the hatred, the anticipation, the sheer comedic brilliance thatGeet had. I want to thank everyone that was involved in any way in Geet. Fans will continue to cherish it and live with the hope that one day Geet will be remade with the same actors and actresses because the show is not possible without its heart and that was Gurmeet Choudhary and Drashti Dhami.



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