Ghulaam Premiere Episode Review – Hits And Misses Of The Show!


Life OK’s Ghulaam premiered its first episode yesterday on the channel. The show started off with a lot of expectation and has promised to be a breather for those who are tired of watching the regular saas-bahu sagas on TV.

Producer Saurabh Tiwari is back on the channel after a long time since his last show Do Dil Ek Jaan on Life Ok went off air.

Ghulaam is not just an off beat show but its star cast also looks very promising especially because the show is a comeback platform for almost all the three main leads.

Apart from the fact, that the journalists who were to attend to press conference of the show, on their way to the infamous ‘Berahampur’ were given a demonstration through a fake attack on the bus that was taking to the location of the sets, the show had been quite unique in its promotions.

Lets take a look at the hits and misses of the very first episode of Ghulaam –

Vikas Manaktala In Ghulaam
Vikas Manaktala In Ghulaam


The Grandeur In The Rural Set Up

It’s easy to show grandeur and royal locations in a sophisticated, urban or cosmopolitan environment. But delivering grandeur in a rural set up is definitely not as easy task. Maintaining the Saurabh Tiwari standards (the man who had produced shows like Madhubala and Badtameez Dil), the villa, rooms and the decor of the Chaudhary palace is apt. Wasiq Khan, the man behind the set design deserves special mention for this.

Vikas Manaktala In Ghulaam
Vikas Manaktala In Ghulaam

Vikas Manaktala – The ‘Dangal’ Entry!

It’s not our fault. Dangal is a craze now and anyone who enters the arena with the impression of being a wrestler reminds one of Dangal these days.

Vikas Manaktala also entered royally as a strong wrestler in the show. The actor also has the almost perfect accent for the typical rural language that he speaks.
All in all it was an impressive entry.

Param Singh In Ghulaam
Param Singh In Ghulaam

Param Singh – The ‘Shivaay’ Boy!

After getting a glimpse of ‘Dangal’, here’s another blockbuster waiting for you. Param Singh, last seen on Sadda Haq, makes his entry on the show with the title track of Ajay Devgan’s Shivaay playing in the background.

Param’s entry would attract his fans. It was a typical heroic entry where the hero of the show is established as a devotee of Lord Shiva. The actor in the few minutes sequence was good to watch, especially with his heroic expressions and walk during the celebrations.


The Bengali ‘Tadka’ In The UP Recipe!

It’s a fact that no same family wants to get their daughter married to any family at Berahampur. So in order to get the guys married, the people at Berahampur kidnap the girls.

When Rashmi, the would be wife of a STS commando gets kidnapped, she meets the elder sister in law of Veer (Vikas Manaktala). She is a Bengali from Malda (distant district of Bengal). The character appears to be quite intriguing and gives you a constant feel about there’s being more of her than what is shown. She is by herself a mystery who is yet to open.

She dances with all her might, always is happy and has adjusted her life at Berahampur after a few days of fight at the place. Also, her little Bengali words in each sentence would entertain the viewers while watching her on screen.

Indraneil Sengupta In Ghulaam
Indraneil Sengupta In Ghulaam


The show is showcasing a remote village where a parallel ruler exist along with the government and has 1500 gunmen and his own personal will to challenge the existing governmental set up of the country.On one hand, it is not deniable that probably such place still do exist in our country but the end of the show appeared to be a little hard to digest. The ‘Ghulaam’ called Rangeela, (played by Param Singh), which means slave, beating a team of 6 STS commandos with a single strike of knife isn’t something easy to believe or comprehend.

But yes, for the sake of story telling, if you can ignore this creative liberty, then Ghulaam isn’t a bad option to watch out for at 9 pm on Life OK for the viewers who want to watch something different on television. Also, the show is yet to witness the entry of Niti Taylor (of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan fame) and we are sure the entry of the female lead would spice up the storyline more.


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