Girls In Love: Top 6 Romantic Rain Sequences Of Recent Times Which You’ll Want In Real Life

Romantic Rain Sequences Of Recent Times

Quite often when we are watching movies or TV shows, few scenes simply touch our heart. There are few romantic sequences that are so beautifully executed that we all, especially the young girls out there looking for their prince charming or already in love, wish something like that to happen in real life too.

Furthermore, if that sequence involves rain then the romance as well as the hotness quotient automatically rises to the next level. For all you girls, we bring to you the top six rain sequences of recent times which you’ll want in real life.

Zain And Aaliya In Beintehaa
Zain And Aaliya In Beintehaa

Beintehaa – Zain and Aaliya were seen romancing in complete Aashiqui 2 style where in this couple is seen hugging each other and kissing in the rain while Aaliya puts her sari’s pallu on their head just like Aditya Roy Kapoor covers his and Shraddha Kapoor’s head in the movie.



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